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Artist Statement for Illuminating Inspiration


Through a fusion of light painting and portraiture called Illuminating Inspiration, I intend to illuminate the intangible dynamic of inspirational energy transfer.  Like a lens focusing light, I transform the inspirational energy I receive from others in order to share it with my subjects and viewers.  To begin this transformative process, I engage in conversation that allows me to explore an inspirational exchange with my subjects. I then spend lengthy amounts of time involving them in the synergistic experience of light painting: a process of recording the choreographed movement of light through space-time.


This communication and collaborative process are integral steps in the journey that my subjects and I take together to explore inspirational exchange. The resulting body of work interprets the universality of inspiration while at the same time gives significance to its unique manifestations. The light painting process creates Fourth Space, an intangible space defined by the inspirational dynamic, and the resulting images function as an invitation for the viewer to enter this space and visualize inspirational potential.


I encourage viewers to look at the light painting portraits as part of a journey towards discovering and illuminating the power of inspiration that transcends the tangible material world. As an inspirational catalyst, I intend to externalize people’s inner strengths and personal magic for them and viewers to see, with hopes that it will facilitate their ability to create positive change in the world. 

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