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About Laura DelPrato

Laura DelPrato illuminates the magic she sees in the world. As a light painter, photographer, and artist, she chooses to view the world in a positive light and share that perspective with others. She hopes that her images will inspire viewers to discover their creativity and use it to pursue their passions.

Laura has played with lights since 2007 when she first experimented with long exposures in her high school film photography class. The plethora of possibilities in this luminous medium fascinated her and she continued to explore with digital photography. She founded the University of Richmond's Photography Club, wrote her undergraduate thesis on the art of light painting, and created a series of inspirational portraits called Illuminating Inspiration during college. 


After graduation, she collaborated with 11 light painters to achieve the first light painting Guinness World Record in 2014. Since then, Laura has led multiple interactive light painting workshops, presentations, and creative problem solving sessions. Laura graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Applied Positive Psychology in 2018 and is exploring how light painting can foster flourishing.

Overall, Laura strives to be an inspiration catalyst who invites people to discover and cultivate their strengths.  Blending her passion for positive psychology and creative problem solving, she encourages herself and others to transform problems into possibilities, embrace creativity, and play.

When Laura isn't playing with flashlights, you will find her kickboxing and supporting students with career development.  

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